Serious(ly absurd & outrageous) Improv & Sketch Comedy  

For 5 years, Grafenberg Productions has brought to Denver high-quality improv and sketch comedy in the style of iO Chicago and Annoyance Theater.  We offer tickle-your-brain-funny shows and serious, yet fun and down-to-earth classes that can help you get the tools you need to be successful both on- and off-stage.

All classes and shows happen at Grafenberg Theater (1223 21st St Denver, CO 80205)


Improv and Sketch Comedy Production Powerhouse


We are officially open!!

After several months of build-out, we have a full 5-nights-a-week show schedule for your enjoyment. Grafenberg Theater kicked off a great run in this new space with opening weekend October 4-6. Come check out a show any night Tuesday through Saturday, or sign up for one of our many classes!


Long-form improv classes and shows - up to 5 nights a week!



From $5 Drop-In Improv every Tuesday night to intensive, student-focused improv and sketch courses that will take you from novice to director and producer, we have the class for you!

Grafenberg is filled with wonderful, super talented people who are devoted to the art of improvisation. The training center makes you feel welcome and safe. It also produces amazing improvisors and shows!
— Bryan D.

You won't get any bullshit from us.
We want you to shine! 


(Unique) Shows


Whether you're looking for a regular improv show, something a little different for a date night, or just a laughter-filled evening out in Denver, we've got something going on every week to tickle your fancy.

Check out our show calendar and see what all we have going on!

A very inclusive, fun-oriented, supportive theater group. I always have a blast playing or watching, and there are always things going on!!
— Lizz M.
Best improv training in Denver. Shows are original and hilarious.
— "Cannonball" F.

(Awesome) Teachers & Coaches

Grafenberg Productions has some of the best improv teachers in Denver. They've studied locally and nationally and are now focused on growing the long-form improv community in Colorado, playing off the Chicago iO, Annoyance, and UCB LA Theaters styles.


Justin Franzen

Co-owner. Executive Director. Teacher. Lover.


Austin Terrell

Teacher. Actor. Beard model.


Emily Rado

Teacher. Dog trainer. No brainer.

Katie Matthews

Managing Director. Teacher. Fighter.


Ann Flynn-Terrell

Teacher. Actress. Badass.


Max Schwartz

Coach. Teacher. Musical genius.

Daniel Horsey

Coach. Teacher. Artist.


Chris Teregis

Teacher. Preacher. Cat Tamer.


Robert Abbott

Teacher. Jokester. Finance broke-ster

Don't be the dummy that misses out!


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