About Grafenberg Productions

Grafenberg Productions is one of Denver's top improv and sketch comedy production houses.  Founded by Justin Franzen, Grafenberg aims to equitably offer high-quality improv and sketch comedy shows, as well as classes taught by highly trained and experienced performers, to all members of the community.  Adapting the iO Chicago and Annoyance styles of play to a unique curriculum, Grafenberg offers Denver a niche in the improv and sketch art forms not available elsewhere in the community.  Through its meticulously trained teachers, coaches, and performers, Grafenber produces shows with consistently high value and turns out grounded, patient improvisers and polished sketch writers.



In recent years, Grafenberg has operated in punk-rock fashion in homes such as the Atlas Theater, Backstage at Beryl's, Deer Pile, and most recently, Comedy RoomRoom.  Now co-owned by Randy and Sue Gibbons, Grafenberg is in the process of moving to it's own home at 21st and Larimer next to Comedy RoomRoom.