Who is Katie Matthews?

Photo by Dayton O’Donnell

Photo by Dayton O’Donnell

Katie Matthews is not only an actuary, cat-lover, and really nice person, but so much more!! Over the past 3 years, Katie has been involved with Grafenberg Productions with a changing role from dedicated audience member, student, producer, teacher, and managing director.

In the near term, Katie will be teaching the upcoming weeknight Improv Level 101 class on Thursday nights from 6-9 pm, starting January 10th. As a veteran instructor of this level, Katie always enjoys the unique energy each class brings:

“Every single class is different, and I love working with what each brings to the table. So many students worry that they won't be funny or know enough to be able to improvise well. One of my favorite parts of teaching 101 is showing these students that who they already are and what they show up with naturally is absolutely enough to create spectacular improv.”
- Katie Matthews

Katie gravitates toward grounded, real characters that use truths and relationships to drive a scene forward and brings this unique perspective to each class or coaching session. She has particularly enjoyed influences from renowned improvisers Keith Johnstone, TJ & Dave, and Wild Horses (in addition to the fabulous improvisers she works with on a weekly basis).

“Katie is a patient player that bases in reality while letting the absurd gradually increase while making sure everything is called for.”
- Justin Franzen

Working and studying closely with other Grafenberg instructors and players Justin Franzen, Charlie Wilkins, Daniel Horsey, Natalie Kilkenny, and Chris Teregis, Katie has absorbed as much improv knowledge as she can get over the course of her improv career thus far, and is always seeking more from podcasts and books.

When she’s not teaching or consuming improv, Katie enjoys working her day-job as a world-saving actuary, relaxing around home, or connecting with friends. She also produces Grafenberg’s SYP Wednesdays, performs with Genre-ly Speaking and the Grafenberg Players, and works closely with owners Justin Franzen, Sue Gibbons, and Randy Gibbons as managing director on a whole bunch of stuff (loving every second of it, of course)!

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