Two Musketeers Tournament - THE FINAL WEEK OF ROUND 1

Tuesday May 8th marked the final week of round 1 of the Two Musketeers Tournament.  Chris Teregis and Justin Franzen hosted and performed the form Beautiful Horses - it was beautiful!  Then, our three competing teams drew straws to determine the order.  Magafficent (Jim Gaffney and Katie Matthews) pulled the longest straw and opted to go second.  Pickles and Mom (Allison and Pickle Taft) drew the second-longest straw, so they opted to go last.  The United Snakes of America (Jack Mudd and Jason Wenger) went first, but defined the greeting for teams that night to be kisses on the cheek (how endearing!).

Next week, May 15th, will be the first week of ROUND 2 of the Two Musketeers Tournament, so come back to see our prevailing teams.

You can catch Magafficent - the second place winner of the evening - again on June 5th.  Pickles and Mom - the first place winner of the evening - will be back on June 12th.  Come back out and support your favorite 2-person teams!  8 pm at Comedy RoomRoom!

Photos & written by Katie Matthews