SYP Awesome Improv Shows Every Wednesday 8 pm at Comedy RoomRoom!

HEY WORLD!  Did you know that you can see sh*t-your-pants awesome improv comedy EVERY WEDNESDAY evening in downtown Denver?  It's true!  Every week at 8 pm at Comedy RoomRoom, different improv troupes from all around Denver perform. 


This show features Grafenberg Productions house teams, coach and instructor teams, and guest teams from other theaters and within the community.  Produced and hosted by Katie Matthews and Justin Franzen, two of Grafenberg Productions' dream team, it's one of Grafenberg's longest-running shows. 

So don't miss out any longer and come see us this Wednesday at 8 pm!  It's a pay-what-you-may show, too, so don't fret about those ticket prices!

Photos & written by Katie Matthews