Round 1, Week 3 of the Two Musketeers Tournament!

May 1st marked WEEK 3 of the first round of the Two Musketeers Tournament, hosted by Natrageous (Natalie Kilkenny and Chris Teregis) - only one more week left to go in Round 1!!

Justin Franzen and Joe Zordan as "Go Mother", Amanda Eckert and Lizz Matthews as "Why Does it Smell Like Meat", and Bryan Dierschow and Veronica Lingo as "Power Smile" all competed for a chance at the title!  

Last week is the LAST WEEK OF ROUND 1, so don't miss out on that.  Then come back for Round 2 where you can see Go Mother and Why Does it Smell Like Meat again and vote for your fave!

Photos & written by Katie Matthews