Student Showcase - Sketch Level First!!

Our May 2nd edition of Sh*t Your Pants Awesome Improv Show featured something incredibly special in the form of our Sketch Level First student showcase!  Tommy, Kelly, Sam, and Karen all got to show off both their comedic styles and what they've learned in the last 6 weeks during Grafenberg's most recent Level First sketch class!  


War Tiger, one of Grafenberg's improv house teams, kicked off the night before the four student sketches, and Yup! finished it our for us!

If you missed out on this, you have our condolences, but there will be more sketches this week on May 9th - another student showcase!  Students from our Sketch Level Second and Improv Levels 101 and 201 will be performing!  Don't miss out on this!!

Photos/videos & written by Katie Matthews