Two Musketeers Tournament SEMI-FINALS!!!

Tuesday night was the first semi-finals round, featuring Jonezen (Stephanie Jones - filled in for by Emily Rey! - and Justin Franzen) and Carl Winslow (Chris Gropp and Robert Abbott)!

The night kicked off with the world’s longest rock/paper/scissors game and a coin toss. Jonezen won the coin toss and opted to go second. Carl Winslow selected a beautiful curtsy for how the players greeted each other.

Natrageous (Chris Teregis and Natalie Kilkenny) performed a very high-brow monoscene at the Large Hadron Collider. We then saw Carl Winslow perform a number of scenes, one of which included a man with a crotch guard (smart, right?). Jonezen finished the sets off by performing a Scram and impressing us all with their amazing skills at listening and speaking simultaneously!

After the final jam set, Carl Winslow took the winning title from this round and will be performing in this Two Musketeers Tournament’s final round, taking place on November 27th!

Don’t miss the second Semi-Final round next Tuesday, November 20th to vote for your favorite team and determine who will battle against Carl Winslow!

Photos & written by Katie Matthews