Meet Justin Franzen, Owner of Grafenberg Productions


If you know Grafenberg Productions, you probably know Justin. You can find him teaching Drop-In Improv in addition to his Level 101 and 501 courses, rounding up excited improvisers as producer of the regular free Wednesday night long-form improv shows, and performing with various Grafenber groups around town.

As founder and artistic director of Grafenberg Productions, Justin has been building the long-form improv community in Denver, Colorado since 2009. His fourteen years of improvisation are centered around five years honing his craft at Chicago's iO and Annoyance Theaters and endless hours entertaining his cats.  

Improvisers are my people, this is my community. People come to class and make new friends, even if it’s once a week. And once you’ve done your first class session and show — you really feel part of something bigger than yourself.
— Justin

Justin loves the "serious and experienced improvisers" who are actively working on their improv skills, even traveling to teach classes and workshops in cities around the country, including New York, Chicago, Cincinnati, Omaha, and Denver.

There’s no coddling in my teaching style because you need real feedback to be successful on stage. I want to help people grow! We’re very social in class, and constantly tailoring our focus to apply to what they’re dealing with in real life. And when you earn your success—it’s really earned and you just feel so great. I want everyone to feel that great.
— Justin