Have you seen NoDQ???

If you missed Friday’s 10 pm show at Grafenberg Theater, you missed a MONUMENTAL MOMENT in Denver improv history. NoDQ is a competition-based improv show hosted by local improv troupe Glue N’ Stuff where two teams compete by improvising while completing certain challenges.

Glue N’ Stuff performing at NoDQ - Fridays at 10 pm

Glue N’ Stuff performing at NoDQ - Fridays at 10 pm

On Friday December 14th, long-running champion team Laserwolf was up for their 7th win but was knocked out of the running by other improv team Mouse Couch.

Mouse Couch spun the spinner and received the Intellectual challenge which had a Freudian twist. In each scene, a character’s mother had to appear! Laserwolf then spun the Brendan Fraser challenge, which referenced the actor’s well-known film Bedazzled. At any point in the set, if a character wished for something, the devil would appear and grant said wish.

After a lengthy improv battle, Laserwolf conceded the fight, but they will most assuredly be back to entertain and seek conquest!

Don’t miss NoDQ this Friday at 10 pm at Grafenberg Theater and see if Mouse Couch can defend their title against the ever-trashy improv team, Tampa!

Photos & written by Katie Matthews