Own Your Own Sh*t

Own Your Own Sh*t


Own Your Own Sh*t!

Do you second guess your choices?
Do you find yourself playing the "neutral" scene partner a lot?
Do you bail on characters you've chosen?
It's time you Own Your Own Sh*t!

In this workshop we'll be doing a lot of scenes. Within those scenes we'll determine what works for you as an improviser, what may be holding you back, and then challenging you to push through those boundaries while maintaining a grounded, emotional point of view. 

Throughout this workshop, you will learn to power through second guessing yourself and playing the scene that is in front of you instead of thinking about the scene that you want to happen. I will introduce you to improv tools that I use that will make you a more confident and vulnerable improviser. Y'know who likes that? Every improviser you'll ever play with. Ever. That includes you smartpants!

This workshop is best served for improvisers who are striving to play on a team or are currently doing so. 

Charlie Wilkins is a Chicago native, improvisational performer and actor, who has performed and trained at IO Chicago and The Annoyance Theatre. A founding member of IO Chicago house team Bullet Lounge, and fortunate enough to have performed with other talented ensembles such as The Annoyance Theatre's Davey DickRocket and The Playground Theatre's Jovial Hayes. He has been delighted to have coached and taught in Chicago and Denver as well as having the fine opportunity to perform at Del Close Marathon back to back years in NYC.

Price: $40

When: Sun 10/07 12:00 - 3:00 pm

Where: Grafenberg (1223 21st St)

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Refund Policy

If you are registered and give notification that you're unable to attend the class 24 or more hours before the first day of the session, you will be refunded. However, within 24 hours of when the workshop will start, whether you will attend or not, you are ineligible for any sort of refund. Please contact us for assistance.