Owners & Directors of Grafenberg

Grafenberg Productions is run by several of the world's most fearless leaders.  Get to know them better here.


Justin Franzen

Founder / co-Owner / Executive Director

Justin lives and breathes improv.  He has been improvising for 19 years. From humble beginnings in highschool speech and debate in Denver, to studying at iO Chicago and Annoyance Theater, Justin has spent his adult life absorbing improv theory and learning production.  He has been a part of groups and shows such as Go-Go Manifesto, Improvised Tarrantino, and Ginger's Improv Ale House. Justin moved back to Denver to found his own production company and began teaching and coaching Chicago-style improv in 2013.  Offering a unique and experienced perspective to the Denver improv scene, Justin continues to lead Grafenberg Productions with an insightful eye, a strong voice, and one really fat cat named Panda Pie.

Justin's goals as Executive Director include bringing thoughtful show concepts to Denver and training improvisers that bring Denver improv to the world's attention.


Sue and Randy Gibbons


Sue and Randy Gibbons have been a part of the Denver art scene for years.  Sue is a well-known multi-media fine artist, and Randy has been a sharp improviser with Grafenberg for years.  When they're not kicking around Grafenberg spaces in rehearsals or shows, they enjoy spending time with family, getting outdoors, and generally being some really fucking nice people.

As co-owners of Grafenberg, Randy and Sue assist with day-to-day operations and finances.

Katies Face in Places-15.jpg

Katie Matthews

Managing Director

Katie fell in love with improv the day a friend finally convinced her to try it at a Monkey Butler workshop in Denver, CO.  Since then, she has enjoyed learning, creating, teaching, and being a part of a larger community.  Having studied under current and former Grafenberg teachers, she understands the ins and outs of the business and offers a unique skill set, honed over years of working her day job and other passion as an actuary.  She has taken multiple workshops from renowned improvisers from all over the country and produced and performed in many Grafenberg and independent troupes, including Not Your Grandmother's Shiv, Present-Day Parables, and most recently, The Notorious VAG.  Katie currently teaches, produces, and performs at Grafenberg with the intention of demonstrating that hard work creates great things.

As Managing Director of Grafenberg, Katie performs financial analyses and assists with general strategy and operational planning.