Serious(ly absurd & outrageous) improv & sketch comedy for Denver actors & fans

Classes & Drop-ins at Comedy RoomRoom

SHOWS at The Deer PILE


We do long-form improv & sketch comedy, embracing our inner rebels to push social boundaries.


(Unique) Shows


Whether you're looking for a regular improv show (FREE Wednesday nights at the Deer Pile!), something a little different for a date night or just a laughter-filled evening out in Denver, we've got something going on every week to tickle your fancy.

Best improv training in Denver. Shows are original and hilarious.
— "Cannonball" F.


(Progressive) Classes

From $5 Drop-In Improv every Wednesday night at Comedy RoomRoom to intensive, student-focused courses that will take you from novice to director and producer, we have the class for you.

Grafenberg is filled with wonderful, super talented people who are devoted to the art of improvisation. The training center makes you feel welcome and safe. It also produces amazing improvisors and shows!
— Bryan D

You won't get any bullshit from us.
We want you to shine! 


(Awesome) Teachers & Producers

Grafenberg Productions has some of the best improv teachers in Denver. They've studied locally and nationally and are now focused on growing the long-form improv community in Colorado, playing off the Chicago iO and Annoyance Theaters styles.


Justin Franzen

Owner. Director. Teacher. Lover.


Sheevani Desai


Coach. Teacher. Urban Arm Rasslin Champ.


Billi Lynn

Teacher. Singer. Bringer.


Joe Zordan


Teacher. Beat Boxer. Beet Boxer

Katie Matthews

Assistant-Producer. Teacher. Fighter.

Daniel Horsey

Coach. Teacher. Artist.

Don't be the dummy that misses out!


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